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The No Ban injector is the latest and modified tool for Pubg mobile, This injector has ultra function and cheats for users that only have this app. Mostly injector has only one function cheats in gameplay or antiban lobby. Now, this app contains duel mode cheat mode, and antiban lobby, because of its codes and modified versions. Antiban is an android application used for cheating pubg. Ethier, whether it is safe or not we will discuss the properties of this app. basically the is a modified and apk app that is totally safe. Pubg mobile lobby is full of skins and these skins make the lobby so conditional, Most people use UC to unlock the skins but you can unlock all skins without investing in UC because this tool unlocks all skins for you. The fundamental work of this app is to unlock and cheat in-game.

Details about Antiban

Injectors have many types some have the ability to modify match tricks but some of them are used to modify your lobby. today we have chosen the injector for your lobby and also for your gameplay tricks. today we have the latest injector that is the Antiban injector app for Pubg mobile. This tool contains codes and modes that can demolish the privacy of any app in a second which is actually cheating, you can do more with it depending on you .firstly Pubg game is famous and trending in the world. when a game is developed or introduced the developer makes high security for it but some other developers create injectors to modify and cheat the game.

modifying the app means breakout the rules and privacy of the game and make easy for users to gain more skills and points. In a pubg game, KD is an excess point of any player and your KD will also increase within one game.

Features of No Ban injector

  • Antiban is a modified and structural injector
  • Sensitivity increases within the second
  • Players will gain speed in any  mode, like TDM, sniping training
  • KD will increase in the second
  • Location of the enemy in any mode that makes you more comfortable and you can easily kill enemies
  • Wall , when enemies camp in buildings that time you can’t guess where the enemy is located by using Antiban you can easily see enemies on their camp spaces by wall.
  • Fast Run, the normal speed of pubg players is normal when they use antiban the speed of run become fast.
  • High Jump, players want to make but jump high, but they fail so that’s why we introducing the injector for the high jump.

Cheats of No ban injector

  • Unlock all Skins
  • Drone View
  • X-ray version
  • M416 skins
  • Unlock x Suit
  • Aimbot
  • No Recoil
  • Fully Antiban
  • Unlimited health
  • Support root and no-root
  • Fake Name
  • Safe to use
  • Secure
  • Ban in Play Store

How to download an antiban injector

It is easy to download and simple to download

>firstly click on the download button

>it will start to download

>open your  File Manager and give permission to it, to perform its function

>open the game and start to play

Let’s enjoy the game with your friends


We have given instructions about this tool and you have to follow these instructions. Keep connecting your game with us and we help you with new updates with new injectors before this. we introduced many tools for pubg like, PPK injector for pubg

Additional Information

September 30, 2022