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Review Menuo Patcher APK

Menuo Patcher Apk is the brand new MLBB injector to unlock all premium skins of Ml. The word menu is the complete menu for the ML battle to continue FYP and skin script. The menu is the newest skin unlocker file to protect premium costumes and heroes. It allows ml players to change the variety of emotes, and the selection of printed skins. FYP Menu cheats like Drone view at all points enemies game lake and many other effective options which will change the battle result in your hand. Ml players get ready to survive in battle with extra energy. Players are excited to see a new mod for mlbb to polish their skills and view. Get the latest andriod application to secure ml gameplay. This 2023 MLBB appliaction contains new recall features and No password is required to use it.

What is Menuo Patcher Apk?

MLBB is a battle of adventure to enjoy famous battle resorts like Gunfighting and tank fighting. people really like to play the best online battle on their devices. A pitcher is an ordinary tool for me to change collection methods and develop battles in my own style. The entire apps of the pitcher series were exceptional and superior. Now the latest version of the pitcher series is Menuo Patcher Apk Ml. regarding analysis of the newest tool of mlbb battle, Its depth, and powerful app. It can easily modify the background of the battle and increase your speed as well.

Features of Menuo Patcher

Quality applications work smarter and absolutely in ML. Quality application means which unlock you realistic gadgets and outfits for free of cost. The conclusion of the Pitcher file is easy. The file consists of the point, Ranking Purchasing, Killing Effect, and changing of Graphics. This provides a high-resolution and realistic game view on any device.

Entry Style

Get ready for the best-ever entry in ml with the superb style of heroes. The application will change the style of running in battle


It’s time to get auto-recall and automatic recall in the match. Its additional features for mobile legends players to take another life in gameplay.

Weapon updation

Upgrade your weapon and make weapons affect more. the changes will increase bullets’ speed and deliver the fastest cross bullets to enemies’ heads.

New Kill Notification

Notification for every kill will appear in storage. In the previous application, it was missing but now you can see these features in the new app.

Zero Ads

The ads were occurring in the period version of the app but now it’s free of ads. There are no ads in gameplay to show. Now you can enjoy the battle with ads and drafts.

Bullet Effect

Every battle player wants to kill more in gameplay but some of them do this. There are reasons behind kills and rank. Some of the tools represent your kills and rank. Now it’s your turn to make uncountable kills in gameplay and pro players t rank in a few matches. the tool provides all these variations t you.

Zero Damages

It’s a safe user from enemies’ damage and bullets. now the appliaction helps to main our health in such a way that will make less damage in gameplay.

Battle Cheat of Menuo Patcher

  • FYP Menu
  • Emotes Unlock
  • Hero Unlock
  • Skin Unlock
  • Premium Outfits Unlock
  • Skin Script Menu


Users are really satisfied with the features and function of the application. Now it is your turn to make betterment in battle with the amazing tool. If you are satisfied with the appliaction format then free download the appliaction now. Moreover, These are a capable tool that adopts smooth gameplay for players and are less sensitive in touch. If you wanna get a mod related to pitcher then use Foxy Mod for hero unlock.

How To Download

  • Step one is to download the app
  • Click on the download button and wait for the appearing link
  • It takes 10 seconds to become ready
  • Make click on the download option
  • It will start automatically
  • Now make a complete download and see if the application either downloaded or not.

How To Install

  • The andriod device store their download in the file manager
  • First of all, open the file manager and open the download
  • Here you can see the download files, find the apk-file
  • recently download files and click on the file
  • It allows an install option in the middle of the device
  • Click on it


It’s up to you how you control the battle with a powerful appliaction. This appliaction will make you surprise with maps, Views, guns, and tank Fire. All these battle tricks and features are available in the newest patcher 2023. It’s the 2023 first ML pitcher for andriod. Hope it will guide you correctly and grow your skills.

Additional Information

November 18, 2023